Sunday, October 28, 2012

Overdue Update

I was afraid this would happen when I returned to full-time work.  I went from having plenty of time to do all of my hobbies to no time except for eating and a small bit of sleeping.  So now that Summer is officially over and Fall has set its cool, wet teeth in asses I thought I should get back to doing my blog. Actually, I am off of work again thanks a lull between my old jobsite and my next jobsite.

My hugelkulture beds are done, but not covered with dirt yet.  It always comes down to either not having the time, the money, or the vehicle. Well, I got the vehicle and of late, just not the money. However, I do have some compost cooking, although it is the slow style.  I recently bought six bales of straw at my usually place. (Graham Hay Market)  A bale will go to the various gardens and the rest to the compost pile. I still need to ask my aunt's neighbor if I can take some of her horse manure to add to that compost pile.  In fact, I was thinking of putting an ad on Craigslist for leaves and other compostable items while I have the time to pick them up.

In non-gardening news, I have sold KC -- my 1989 Ford F-250 diesel truck.  It is kind of a big deal for me. I had wanted to fix her up so I could drive her again, however, with neither the time and especially not the money I had to sell her.  My work is dependent upon a working vehicle so I bought myself a newer truck, although not a diesel.  It is a gas truck since that is all I could get right now, and honestly that is all I wanted to afford too.  However, I do like the truck despite my universal dislike of gasoline trucks.  I guess that makes me a hypocrite since I told people I would never drive another gasoline truck. Oh, well. I'll learn to deal.

And in sad news, my dog Connor is going to be put down this week.  He has been a great, loveable dog, however, as bodies always do it has betrayed him.  He is 14 years old and at the end of his lifespan.  I am going to miss that cookie thieving & perpetually hungry Black Labrador-Rottweiler  con-artist.

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