Saturday, May 19, 2012

Does "253" spell "Handgun"? Damn straight it does!

Pictures of the shirt that spells "253".
(From NewsTribune)
This is so awesome! I would buy it in a heartbeat. In fact, that is probably not a might but a will buy.  I love the creativity of the guy who designed it.  Just like a Tacoman to come up with something like that.  I love this city!

Is this the right symbol for Tacoma? (Tacoma News Tribune)

Russian Comfrey Pictures

 Here are three of the slips that I received from Horizon Herbs the other day.  I did not post a picture of them in the last entry so I am doing so now.  Instead of receiving six, they sent me eight slips.  How awesome is that!!  They are all planted now and I will know if they'll take within two weeks time. Hopefully within the next seven to ten days.