Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013!

Well, it is the end of another year with 2012 coming to an end.  I cannot say that 2012 flew by, but it kind of did too.  This year has felt like it was a hundred years long to me, but I could not say what all happened either. What did happen is that I bought a new truck for myself, which is freaking awesome! She's not new as in model year, but new to me. I am very appreciative that I was able to buy a fairly new truck instead of something twenty or so years old.  Although I originally did not want to buy a truck on loan, however, if I am going to buy a house I will need to show consistent payments to something. I have missed my diesel truck, even more so with driving a gas truck that only gets 12 MPG on the freeway. Obviously there are a few things I can do to increase that mileage, however, I will get to that at another time.  On a bright side, since I buy all of my gas at Costco, I get a percentage back at the end of my membership year.  That roughly equates to a big rebate check thanks to $85 average tank fills. Win-Win!