Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First harvest of strawberries

My mom holding up one of the beauties.
Just a small sampling  of strawberries from my garden. They are sweet and very juicy, which means I need to use them damn soon.  Damn good haul I am going to have this year.

It Is Time For Doggy Porn!

Connor's long, sexy & furry back.
(Just look @ that sexy spine! lol)
Yes, dog porn. Connor typically hates cameras and usually attempts to photo-bomb his own photos, so getting him to actually do this with a camera on him is a miracle in itself, but not unheard of. Every now& then, on a blue moon, in a very distant solar system far unknown to us, he will ... do doggy softcore porn.  Yes, yes. I know, "porn is the of the Devil."  But that is neither here nor there.... It's not bad for such an aging pet of 12 or 13 years old.  Well, now I can feel the strange, heated, disgusted looks I am getting from people all across the interwebz, so I will just let you all get to the dirty, dirty pictures and let the Devil work his magic over you. Enjoy!

(Very Bandwidth Heavy!)