Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is here!

Minion -- yes, that is her name -- at the backdoor grateful
 for the a warm day to pounce upon one of her brothers.
Well, spring has arrived and I am very grateful!  Nothing beats the prospects of spring, summer, and fall.  My favorite three seasons of the four, however, that is not to say I do not enjoy Winter either.  I found this last winter particularly hard on me, but I could just be showing my age. :-P  With the warming spring sun and somewhat warm showers that comes with it, I have started my vegetable garden and already have my compost pile working.  However, that is just the being of my work for the season or two.

One of my projects is to take down my incomplete shed that I built several years ago and replace it with a bigger one. And actually complete it this time. I stopped working on it when I decided on taking a road trip with my uncle and just never returned back to it. I also have a kitchen remodel that needs to be finished up, however, I need to expand the permit for the bathroom as well since it has developed some serious issues in the last nine months. I really did not want to break into the bathroom remodel while I have a kitchen remaining unfinished, however, it cannot be avoided right now. Speaking of remodel, I also need to repair the shoddy electrical in this house. The previous remodel-er and owners really screwed up this house, but the house is over a hundred years old.

However, before any of that can be concluded, I must get back to work. I have been off of work for way too long and this "recession" has hit me pretty hard. This spring looks like there will be plenty of work for Union Carpenters and I do hope that turns out to be the utmost of true. I do not want to go through a another summer of false hope and little work. I enjoy being a carpenter and I really hate doing anything else. Anyway, I have several projects not only at home like I said above, but also at my Aunt's house. She recently bought herself a wooden shipping container that is just about large enough to put her riding lawn mower in, however, it has no roof whatsoever. I will be installing a shed roof, another attached shedding, and siding to keep it dry and sturdy.

As for my gardens, all of my daffodils have flowered beautifully. I have some single whites, off-whiteish, and yellow ones all spread out among my beds. They are very beautiful this year. I was not sure if the snow and freezing soil would have killed them off this year, but I am very pleased that they have resurfaced. Soon my roses will be flowering as well as my poppies. Funny how my mother's love of gardening transferred over to me only a few years ago. :-) My vegetable garden is all planted for now. I am going to grow collard & mustard greens and parsnips again this year since I winterized them. The parsnips were amazing as I ate them throughout the winter since I found out from my mother that it sweetens them up a bit. Very good!

Well, the sun has returned and has already dried up some of the morning's rain. I need to go tackle the grass before it gets too high on me again. Until next time!

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