Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventure In Raking

I spent today across from my Aunt's place raking up grass clippings from her neighbor.  The resident of the property said that we could have it since we intend to use it to start a pile or two for my Aunt.  In fact, he was a bit surprised that we wanted it.  He has about two solid acres of nothing but tall, tall grass that he usually just cuts down and leaves it as mulch.  So my mom and I got up today and head out there to start harvesting the green gold. (We are always working together it seems.)  I was not expecting it to be as hard as it was, but all that raking make me sweat.  It was worse than my Aunt's.  Most of the grass that was cut only hid the long, uncut grass below it that the lawn mower just knocked down.  You had to rake with the direction of cutting otherwise you could not rake the clippings at all. Some times you could not even do that without tangling up your rake.  We only cleared about an acre of the all the cut grass by the time four o'clock rolled around, nevermind that we already had enough to form up a good two piles worth of compost.  We ended up taking  a rather heaping truckload of grass home to add to my already three working piles.  (More is always better, right? lol)

We dumped the truckload of grass clippings at home and split it somewhat evenly between the two compost piles here.  I tell you, this is going to be real fun to turn this Wednesday. LOL!  Anyway, we grabbed our last bale of straw to take back to my Aunt's to use in her piles.  In less than three weeks, we have used all four bales that we bought.  I guess we really did have a need for the stuff.  Once back at my Aunt's, we formed up the piles.  Each pile is 4-foot wide by 7-foot long and at least 3-foot deep.  We placed them next to each other and one on top of a beehive that nested itself in a tree stump.  All in all though, I had a ton of fun doing it even if I might hurt tomorrow.  Honestly though, I do not mind being sore and I really got to work on the removal of my farmer tan.  It is just ugly on me, seriously.  Ugly!  Now, I have an idea about using her creek as an irrigation source for her pasture area where these piles are located.  I will report back later if it works out or not.

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