Sunday, May 6, 2012

Foreigners, Go Home!

I dislike Foreigners with near fervor unseen today.  Not the ones that come from other countries, but the ones that come from within my own.  They come up here and  bitch, moan, and whine about how the weather, the culture, traffic, you name it.  How they like another state so much better, so on and so forth for reason X, Y, and Z.  I am of the school of thought that you “love the one you are with”, “enjoy the journey, not the destination”,”when in Rome do as the Romans do”, and most importantly in my book: “better to look a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.”  If you are living some place that you dislike, you move. Key word here: move.

The other day, I was at Portland Ave Nursery looking for a particular Comfrey plant for my garden. While heading back to the car, a passing hail storm caught several people wanting to get to their cars.  A woman bitched about the hail. Bitch, she did. it’s spring! Weather is unpredictable in early spring.  Everyone knows this, and if you do not then there is always the option of OSLI. (Observe, Study, Look Intelligent.)  In short, she “liked Arizona better”.  Fine. Like all you want.  In fact, move back there... quickly.  This woman is not an isolated incident and not by far.  These same people are changing my state! We are not the socially class-constricted East Coast or the loser confederate South.  Could not care less what happens back east or down south, honestly.  However, those same peoples somehow end up here for whatever reasons and attempt to recreate their culture here.  Fuck your culture and leave my alone.  PNW is PNW! If I do not say “Hi” walking down the street, I’m not being rude. I do not know you and I have nothing to say to you.  If I wear a hoodie everywhere, I am not going to rob, stab, rape, and dissect you for some twisted. fun.  Here in Washington State, we have layers of personalization that works for us.  Some people get farther into our circles than others.  We are fairly private people here.   I have co-workers that know very little about me and I them, however, we are great work friends.  Just how shit goes up here.

So I say again, I hate Foreigners and not the ones from other countries. Their sins can be forgiven and they often learn quickly, changing their ways.  It is the Foreigners inside the USA that are the problem.  I do not like you, I will not share my salmon with you, and most importantly I will not be very nice to you.  And never will Atlantic Farmed Salmon crap ever be anywhere near as good as real Salmon!

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