Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Business: Starting Out ....

My new WEEDEATER lawn mower.
The other day, I picked up a used lawn mower for only $20 dollars from a man out in Spanaway. It has a very nice bag that came with it and plenty of power to cut through grass. I admit, it's a Weedeater re-brand of a Poulson, however, it does what I need it to do.  It was a complete fluke that I found this on Craigslist when I did because I had just spent the last hour or so looking for lawn equipment.  I cleared the last search results I was looking through and typed back in "lawn mower" and here it was.  The guy was moving ASAP and it had to go that night, so I told him I was on my way.  He only wanted $20 dollars for it.

I have a Troy-Bilt TB575ES string trimmer that I bought several years ago for my own back yard. It is a "pro-sumer" grade 4-stroke straight shaft string trimmer that was just a trooper, until earlier this year.  I was cutting my Aunt's back 40 with it when it died on me.  I saw it was pretty darn low on fuel assuming that was the issue.  After having filled it up again, I pulled and pulled and pulled to no luck.  She was dead.  I let her sit for a few hours and I grabbed my Aunt's Troy-Bilt 2-stroke curved string trimmer.  I came back to mine to attempt to start it up again and it did eventually start but it just did not sound at all good.  I came to find out that the engine is shot and this particular model only had a 25-hour operating life span.  I have put at least double that on it since I bought it. It really pisses me off since it was a $200 dollar string trimmer that should still be working, otherwise I could have better spent my money on an ECHO or Stihl product.  A lesson learned, I guess.  With all of that now being said, I am trying to find a used ECHO, Husqvarna, or Stihl with any available money I have, which isn't to say very much.  A used Stihl 90R at a pawn shop or just on Craigslist still goes for $180 dollars or more easily.  The other two are not far behind, so I need to work more.  I just hope my Aunt's doesn't crap out on me before I buy another.  I like to fix what I break, unless it is one of my sisters'. ;-)

Isn't she dreamy?!
My future PJ Trailer Dual Dump.
Eventually I will get my PJ Trailers: one for my lawn business and the other for dumping dirt, beauty bark, or hauling trash.  I have been known to some pretty serious trailer envy when I see someone else using their PJ Trailer, although it is more of a joke than anything.  I want one, bad.  I will get one, someday.  I just wish I could have it now. :-P  Anyway, I can rent one from a company down in Olympia area for not too much.  So, if I can keep my costs down, my business up, I can rent a trailer until I can actually buy one.  There is just so much stuff I need to get that I will be buying over time that is kind of overwhelms me.  I do not want to look like I am a hack who just needs beer money, because that is not me.  I seriously want to do a great job and have returning customers even though this is not my ideal career.  Eventually I will get back to what I truly love and that is carpentry, which is also part of my current business.   Until then, baby steps.

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