Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tis the Season For Composting!

I have began building one of my compost piles the other day from my lawn clippings. Of course, I have a proper ratio of nitrogen to carbon for quick composting, however, I did want to try this new compost starter that my mother showed to me at one of our favorite gardening stores. It is called
Dr. Earth Compost Starter and costs around $12 dollars. The gardening store I visit will sell only organically safe products and they often try out what they sell.  Another reason why I decided to give this a try is the simple fact that it is supposed to be human & pet safe instead of the chemical starters that are more than readily available.  From what I can tell, it is microbe-saturated sawdust. And so far, just after four days, it is already steaming a plenty which pleases me to no end.  Now for me, it has only sped up my compost by a matter of a week or two depending on the weather here.  Although probably not a big bump for some folks, it is a big bump for me since I use a lot of compost around my rather large yard.  I will report back good news or bad news about the product as I work with it a bit more.

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