Friday, April 20, 2012

Crazy drivers

I cannot stand how crazy drivers are around here lately. I seemingly cannot drive to Safeway,  Starbucks, or just down my own blog without someone pulling a move from The Fast and The Furious. This is Washington  State and  not the damn movie! Sadly, much of this behavior is from people not even from this state and/or are freaking out from either a more than a drop or two of rain, or another day too gray for their primitive minds to work around.  We do not wait for the weather to clear up here. That are what hoodies were made for and on certainly more inclement weather, rain jackets.  REI is just right up the road from my house and just about one in every major town and city that I know here.  Oh, God! Even JC Penny, Sears, and Old Navy carry them regularly.  Regardless of what the reason is, I rather wish they would stop being juvenile vehicular asshats and drive a bit more responsible. You can still speed safely…. Somewhat.

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