Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Morning Me!

I had a bit of a bad start this morning: I hit a cat. I really, really hate hitting animals.  I really do try to avoid hitting animals even if they are already dead and in the road. Three or four years ago, I had a raccoon and a rather large raccoon at that, on my way to work heading towards Bremerton. It completely devastated my morning and my front end. Not because I actually hit it, rather the raccoon was still alive and  having been spun into the left-hand lane where I saw another truck and several other cars run over. If I'm going to hit something, I would like it to be dead on the first go-around.  I would have to say that if I was a raccoon and I bolted into on-coming traffic, I would pray that the vehicle that hit me would be enough to provide a finishing blow. I guess I'm funny that way.

Anyhow, while striving my sister to work I saw the shadow out of the corner of my right eye and my sister gasped, saying that I had just hit a cat. For some reason it had bolted into to the street and under my tires. I do not know if I hurt it too much because it ran off even twice as fast as it ran into the street. On my way back taking the same route, there was no sign of the it. A little bit later this morning I noticed that there were quite a few cats hit around town and the county. Who knows, maybe Mt. Rainier is getting ready to blow (over due), or we are finally going to have our Cascadia fault rupture that is so long over-due as well (15+ years).

Anyhow, this is just a little blurb about my crappy morning. I have since then had my coffee, and coffee usually does make me feel better.

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