Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Comfrey Slips Have Arrived!

My Russian Comfrey bocking  #14 slips arrived this afternoon after waiting for nearly 2 weeks. I ordered a bundle of six from Horizon Herbs  down in Oregon earlier this month.  It took a bit longer than I had expected, however, I am definitely happy that that all six roots cuttings have arrived in very good condition. I am very pleased with HH’s packing techniques in not only the outer package, but how they pack the roots in a soil-like product.  It is supposedly a coconut composted product and that holds in moisture. (I do not recall what it is ATM.)

This particular bocking is in sterile, removing any worry about it spreading out of control on its own.  The only way to propagate this Bocking of Comfrey is to cut the roots and planted elsewhere. I went with this version for its ability to attract pollinators which is a good thing for my gardens, but also going to use it as a biomass for my compost and a nitrogen fixer for the grass near the planting. I can also use it as a mulch for other spots in the gardens. There is also is purported medical abilities not just in this Bocking but also with all version of Comfrey, however that is just a bonus for me.  Since I got six slips, I have planted two  next to the compost pile, to on the north side of the property, and to yet be planted. Tomorrow I'll decide where they will be planted. I'm trying to spread them around the yard so that I have plenty of bee activity all over the gardens.

In addition to putting this Comfrey, I am thinking of planting a clover species in my backyard. The ground in the backyard is near concrete and Clover will help break up the soil.  In addition to what Clover can do for the ground, I can also use it as a biomass for my compost pile. It also fixes nitrogen into the soil which will improve my grass quality. (Starting to see a pattern here?) I haven't decided which Clover varietyI will go with yet, however Medium Red Clover interests me currently, although I am not sure if it is a perennial or biannual plant.  With a bit of research, Clover seems to have some medical properties as well. Most articles I have read have dried the flowers for use in teas.

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