Thursday, May 10, 2012

Harvesting Compost Material

My Aunt agreed to give me her grass clippings for my compostin gneeds, however, my Aunt has a large piece of property.  She has tackled mowing and clearing it every years by herself, however, she really does need help with it. Since I was benefitting from getting free compost material and I rather be outdoors than in, I decided that I would help her cut and maintain the "Back Fourty".  Besides, I look damn sexy with a farmer tan.  I mean, who doesn't!

Logs for splitting.
My mom and I headed over to my Aunt's to begin clearing all of the fallen debris from last winter's snow & ice storm. She had one tree come down completely, spanning her creek with the bulk of its body in the pasture area.  Last march, she had a party to help clear it however, there was a lot of debris still remaining to be cleared.  Some large trunk pieces still but mainly limbs and branches of various sizes.  Stuff you would burn and burn we did. :-) I love having a fire when working. Anyway, logs were cut to size, stacked for later splitting, and limbs burned.  By the end of the day, we could finally get around to actually mowing the tall grass. 

The Sun setting behind our full bins of grass in the pasture.
We collected six trash can size loads that we hauled back home.  I was thinking about adding to my already cooking pile, however, I have a need for that sooner than later so it was out of the equation for now.  My other compost spot is on the north side of the property and is dug into the ground five foot wide & long by three feet deep.  It is a bitch to turn, but it keeps the pile warmer during the colder months.  We dumped the load and started layering it for the compost.  I had just enough carbon to add to the pile however, now I am completely out.  I will have to pick up some straw sometime soon before I do any more piles.

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