Monday, May 21, 2012

A Good Move For Thea Foss Waterway

I just read the article from the News Tribune "New welcome for Thea Foss Waterway" about a compass motif being painted on one of the tanks in Thea Foss waterway, and I must say that I am very pleased to see someone finally give the waterway a due recognition.  Many folks in and around Tacoma do not know accurately where the waterway is located, so it is not hard to see why boaters would not either. Although not exactly easy to describe when telling folks, most just lump it into Commencement Bay, which it is not.  Yes, technically it is linked directly to Commencement Bay, however, Thea Foss waterway is as standalone and important to Tacoma as the Narrows Bridges (past & present), Alber's Mill and Union Station is.  Thea Foss Waterway has its own strong, defined history. Many thanks to the Thea Foss, the Foss Family, and Foss Maritime.

Warning: Rant below!

Seattle often feels the need to downgrade & cheapen what Tacoma does and lately many folks here are doing the same.  Tacoma throughout its history has always gone off and done its own thing and from time to time, bailing out Seattle when Seattle got in over its head.  I am quite proud about Tacoma and love this city.  I digress, I am very happy that NuStar is funding Stan Selden's dream. One last thing about Seattle: Mt Rainier is NOT THAT LARGE BEHIND THE SPACE NEEDLE! Never Has Been. Never Will Be.  I live approximately 50 miles from Mt. Rainier and Seattle is at least 75 miles from it. You can SEE the difference when in Seattle.   Seattle is in King County. Tacoma & Mt. Rainier are in Pierce County. Shame on you, Seattle! Always pilfering shit that was never yours to begin with.

By the way, compasses rock! I have a tattoo of one planned for this year.  Maybe I will incorporate "253" or Tacoma into it. We will see.

Thea Foss Waterway on Google Maps:

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