Monday, May 21, 2012

No to Demo! Keep the 104 year old building.

Why do we have to demolition another old building in Tacoma? Is there not another solution to be had instead of removing another long-standing and well remembered building in Tacoma?  I am talking about the First Congregational Church (click for article).  I realize 40 people cannot pay for the upkeep of such a large structure, however, it should not be demolition, regardless. It is already is a prime spot and in very short walking distances to Wright Park that is not even a block north of it.  A prime spot for it to stay and be converted into anything other than demotion. I am sure MultiCare will try to snap it up in its ever growing medical complex sprawl just like the last church they demo'd a few years ago.   Need I remind anyone of the last historic removal that to this day still stink to high noon? No? Here, let me refresh your minds: UW Tacoma work erases historic iconic image from building (News Tribune). Nuff said.

First Congregational Church on Google Maps:

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